Why this blog began

The other day a dear friend raised the question of why I did not have a blog.  It was a reasonable question.  She knows I write daily, have achieved some of my life dreams and that I enjoy discussing philosophies on living an intentional life.

Yet this is the first time I am sharing my writing.  Despite a life as busy as everyone else, my sanity and life progression require me to write daily.  So why not start a blog. See if what I have to say resonates with anyone else.

I asked her what she would like to read in a blog authored by myself. 

Her answer “Life, manifesting dreams, balancing life with goals, women and finances”.

How she surprised me. Her response closely mirrors the issues that rise to the surface of my daily thoughts. We would all be lucky to have a friend who knows and believes in us like she does. 

So M, here it begins.