Dressing Room Makeover- Ideas?

The two year anniversary of life in our new home has arrived.  For those who don’t know our story, we renovated our home from top to bottom and moved in two weeks before the birth of our second son.  So, I  spent my final trimester making design decisions (on the home we plan to stay in forever), oh and with a toddler underfoot. Overall I am pleased with how the home has turned out.  The big decisions (walnut flooring, completely redoing the master suite with a new layout, new bathrooms throughout the house, etc.) all feel right.  However, I ran out of steam when it came to some of the details. Details, like our master closet.  The new layout, built-in dressers and closet system (we used closetpro) all work well.  I just find it a bit cold and well, boring. I suppose the cold could partially be the weather.

So this weekend I added jewelry and scarf hangers (three of the same system) to add some color and function to this corner of our closet.  I love how functional they are (I am a form follows function gal).  That said, I am underwhelmed with the space and in need of some inspiration/ideas. Here are a few shots that reflect my personal design style.  I do share this closet with my husband, so I don’t want to end up too feminine.  He is nice enough to give me 2/3 of closet after all.

Initial thoughts:

-custom cut mirror, mounted all the way from floor to ceiling (cannot have a frame as the drawers pull out very close to the wall)

-the chair is too tall (we only use it for packing so perhaps a low stool or ottoman would work better)

– replace the hideous blue blinds (they are all over the house, I didn’t replace them or the 80s trim as I wanted to live in the house a while to figure out what the space needed), I am thinking sheer curtains with detail (these).

– Has anyone used a cable curtain rod system (like this)?  I am thinking it would keep the space from looking too stuffy/cluttered.

-change the trim (stain darker to match the walnut floors or paint white?)

-more organizers (higher on the wall to continue the color and texture higher)

What changes would you make to this space?  I will post after pictures using your ideas.

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