Budget, once again (Part IV Week 1 Review)

The biggest change is how I feel.  Satisfied? Content.  We have a plan to achieve what is important to us.  Each day is a step toward fulfillment of our individual and combined dreams. I am not seeking to fulfill myself through spending.  I hadn’t realized how bad it had become.  I remember having this feeling before…when I was living on a budget.

Maybe I am just like a child who needs boundaries to feel secure.  Maybe we all are? Check out this beautiful article on the habits of supremely happy people.

On the financial front, the jars each have a bit leftover.  Sure it was an easy week (we just returned from vacation- so no desires for expensive activities right now).  The leanest jar, as expected, groceries.  For the budget, we cut it to a third of what we have been spending.  We did it!

I am already thinking ahead to next week and using half the grocery budget to purchase meat from our local ranch (they give discounts for large orders and have the best meat).  I like this shift in focus.  Connecting and supporting local ranchers while saving money and providing healthful food for our family.

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