Money, a tool for dream manifestion.

I grew up confused about money.  It was bad right?  Wait, it was good.  We need money.  Yet it has become one of the four-letter words.

Toward the end of college I read a book that opened my eyes.  “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley.  It is a popular book, many people have read it.  If you are a math nerd such as myself you may even enjoy all of the statistics.  The main idea I walked away with is this, money is simply a tool.  If you do the hard work of clarifying what is truly important to you, money is simply a tool to help you get there.

I integrated another tool in clarifying what matters to me in life, Feng Shui terms it a manifestation board.  Simply take that pile of old magazines and cataloges and pull out images that speak to you in terms of what you want your life to be composed of.  For me it is family, health, love, freedom to live where we want, in beautiful surroundings with rich life experiences.  I used the manifestation board to create a list of concrete goals.  My husband and I decided the big ones together.  Whenever I passed a department store sale or turned down an expensive dinner out with the girls, I could envision my manifestation board and knew what I was saving for meant more to me.  Having a picture in mind of what you are moving towards makes it easy to say no to the daily barrage of consumeritis.

Money Manifestation Board

  • start with a pile of magazines, catalogs
  • rip out any images that speak to your life dreams
  • paste them onto a poster board
  • write a list of your life dreams
  • write a list of concrete goals to fullfill those dreams
  • take a photo on your phone of the board and the list of goals to remind you whenever tempted to impulse spend
  • update the manifestation board as needed for it to remain inspiring
  • bonus clutter reduction: recycle the magazines and catalogs you have gone through

Check out the 4 Step Life Imagined Budget for the next step.

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