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“Be true to yourself.”


A wise woman, who knows me well, told me, “Be true to yourself, share what you have learned”.

These words stopped my thought patterns and focused me on the big picture.  When am I true to myself?

When I am helping others, sharing what I have learned from great books and wise people.  

Given that a new season is upon us, the time of rebirth and change- this is my focus.  Be true to myself.  In all ways, at all times, in all things.

This woman lived life according to her own terms.  Abandoned by her husband at the start of the Great Depression, she was left to raise her daughter and  niece, alone.  She was strong, I don’t know if she began life that way or if she became that way through life’s lessons.

What I do know is she found solid work, supported her family, raised those girls and lived an elegant life centered around her loves.  Namely, the piano, family, an orderly self and home, red lipstick and beautiful hair (perfectly coiffed until the very end of her 90 years). She taught me discipline, appreciation for the arts, and how to play the piano.

She taught me another thing that stands out now, no excuses.  Life will throw at you what it will. All you control is your reaction to life.

I wish she had written, so I could learn from her thoughts on life instead of relying on the memories of how she conducted herself.  That is why today, I am writing.  There is no need for each of us to go through all of the lessons in life.  We can share what we have gathered and learn from one another.

What do you feel called to share today?

After the life imagined?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently I fulfilled several lifelong dreams. One of which was a financial goal.  As I looked at the balance in my accounts and realized I had met that once far off number, I wondered what now? 

I began to search online for words of wisdom from someone who had been in my seat before.  Search after search led me nowhere relative to where I found myself.  It seems everyone talks about how to set and reach goals but few talk about the after effect.  The after effect is what I have termed the feeling after one reaches a long term goal.  I felt as if nothing had changed.  I felt as if I should be elated or excited or somehow different.  Afterall, I had spent more than a decade trying to get here. 

After a good  decent nights sleep (I am a mom of two toddlers afterall) I realized something critical.  Living the life I have imagined means continual adjustment of my goals/dreams/reality as I grow and change throughout life.  This is why I feel no different than a year ago regarding this life goal.  I have continually adjusted my thoughts, dreams and expectations every moment of my life.  This goal was met gradually and unlike a sudden lottery win, I still have goals I need to meet before major life changes will take place. 

In the end I think one can never reach the life imagined. For I will continue to imagine.  I have simply realized one small piece of the picture.

How about you?  Have you experienced the after effect of meeting a long term life goal/dream?  Have you heard another term that describes this feeling?

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