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Retreat filled with beauty, comfort, deep conversations, life changing plans, and facing fears as a team. Including, my first mountain bike ride (pretty extreme, long and amazing- you can see a bit of the trail just above the raging creek).  More to come…

Love- yourself first


Happy Friday.  Winter has come to an end. Spring is upon us, and I am reminded of my Hawaiian adventure a few weeks ago.  Hope your weekend is filled with fun and a little adventure.

Continuing on with the ever critical topic of relationships, let’s discuss the most important relationship.  The one you have with yourself.

New relationships inpart a flood of new energy.  It feeds us and keeps us feeling alive.  For a while.  And then we return to ourselves and what we bring energetically into the relationship.  The old saying, you bring yourself into every relationship.  If you don’t have a good relationship, a loving relationship with yourself from the start- how can a relationship with anyone else fulfill you?

Start doing the things you love and believe in, surrounded by people you respect.  Fill yourself with love.  It is then the right partner or relationship appears.  For you have be the right partner for yourself before you can be that partner to someone you want.

Self love can be hard.  Especially when one is rooted in the past and guilt or negativity associated with our past.

My current mantra, “God, I accept your forgiveness and I accept  your love”.

What is yours?

Letting go



A glorious week spent with beloved friends, (skiing, eating sushi, drinking Mexican mules, and watching our little ones play together) has left me in a loving mood.  I am reminded of an important life lesson that is not often mentioned, letting go.

There is room in my life to spend a week with these beloved people because I have consistently let go of relationships that no longer fit my life.

Every interaction affects us energetically.  We walk away either depressed, unchanged or elevated. Multiply these energy exchanges over the course of a relationship and you can imagine the affect your relationships have on your life path.

So, choose, make a conscious decision on who you spend your life with.  Be aware of the energy you give out in your relationships. Be prepared to end (or limit) time with people who no longer fit where you are in your life.

This also goes for actions. Life is short.  Everything counter to your purpose takes away from what you can accomplish, learn, and create.


Attitude of Gratitude



With the holidays behind us and the new year fully rung in, the season for  thanksgiving has officially passed.   Yet an attitude of gratitude provides gifts year round.

Attitude of gratitude?

What is that?  In life we have a choice on our attitude.  Regardless of what happens in the world, around you, within you- you chose your attitude (remember, no excuses).  Your choice thereby affects the world around you, your relationships, perceptions and ultimately, life. 

Whenever I need an attitude adjustment (exhausted, depressed, stuck or just generally grumpy), there is one exercise that always turns around my mood and perspective on life. 

Gratitude Exercise:

I simply write or say a list of things I am grateful for.  No matter the condition of life around you, there is always an endless list of things to be grateful for.  At times, I have to start with something really, really small.  Such as, I am grateful for this breath.  I am grateful for the sunshine.  The seeds clinging to the winter branches outside my window, rattling in the wind.  Thankful for shelter to keep me out of that wind.  Grateful for beauty and God for eyes to view it all.

Suddenly the mood has shifted and the ability to move positively through life re-emerges.  The nature of an attitude of gratitude is you recover gratefulness and become something positive in the lives of those around you.  Your attitude affects all around you, like little ripples in a lake disturbed by a tossed stone.

 Gratitude is then a gift to those around you.  However, it doesn’t end there; gratitude is an endless gift to yourself.  When you give thanks, and recover positivity, it gives you energy to create change- positive, intentional change.  This small change compounds, attracting the life you imagine.

Ann Voskamp wrote in depth on this subject in her book, “one thousand gifts“.  She utilized a gratitude journal for capturing her gratitude.  In doing so, she dramatically changed her life in the direction she desired.

I find even saying it to myself, part of a continual, silent prayer, works as well.  In this moment, I am thankful there are people in this world who want to be a positive force, to help others, to improve themselves, and give thanks to God. 

Share, do you give thanks?  Do you have a special way of doing so? What are you thankful for in this moment?  It may be this movement (attitude of gratitude) will restart poetry as a contemporary art form. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful change from most status updates 😉

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