Mountaintop Retreat: Who is On Center Stage?




I keep hearing the same message.

Do you, it’s who you were born to be.  

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” – from my child’s favorite bedtime story, On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman (taken from Psalm 139).

My inner voice has been screaming this message to me lately.  In large part this is due to the competing demands on my time.  The artistic- designer self fights with the scientific career that employes me full time, and both fight with my role as a mother, wife, athlete, and homemaker.  All of these roles are me.  However, I firmly believe it is impossible to do it all, at least, at the same time.

There are seasons for different aspects of ourselves to take center stage.

How does one decide when the time has come to take bold action and switch the self on stage? Hubby and I are taking a retreat next week to address this very question (and some other important ones as well).

We will be following a vision retreat guide written by Jimmy and Karen Evans.  The program is titled the mountaintop of marriage.  It is Christian centric, however the fundamental ideas apply to anyone.  The basic idea that caught my attention is this, it is a lot easier to make positive change if you (as a couple) know where you are headed.  Essentially, if you don’t decide together on your direction for that month, year, life; how can you expect your partnership to end up where you dream it will?

So we are taking the recommended three nights, leaving the kids with family, heading literally up to a mountaintop and going to address the big question of our “vision” as a couple.  The hope is, these few days together will result in less bickering, misunderstanding and frustration on a day to day basis.  The hope is, determining our vision together (with God) will give us the direction we need on where to go next in our lives.

Excited to see where this retreat will lead us!

Do you take a couples retreat? Annually? Any suggestions, comments of ideas?

7 Thoughts on “Mountaintop Retreat: Who is On Center Stage?

  1. oli@lifeimagined.org on July 1, 2014 at 1:50 PM said:

    center”>A Harvest of Blessing

  2. We’ve NEVER been on a couple’s retreat but I would so like to! Our church is doing one this fall but it’s all about fixing issues (which honestly, we really don’t have), I love the whole idea behind the mountain top of marriage!

  3. oli@lifeimagined.org on July 3, 2014 at 1:28 PM said:

    Chantal, it was so rewarding. I have to post the last few follow ups. Going with a group didn’t appeal to us either. It seemed we would spend our precious time without the kids connecting with other couples and their problems rather than moving our own marriage forward. The website for the workbook has a lot of videos you can watch together if you find the need for input while on the retreat. Let me know if you do it!

  4. That is such a lovely post, I’ve also thought about doing a couples retreat one day, to help build our vision for the future as a couple and as a family. FYI the new blog hop is up! Would love to see you there!

  5. Thank you Margarita. I’d highly recommend it, there is so much more I need to write up that resulted from the trip… Looking for time to write it… still looking… Ha!
    Checking out blog hop up now.

  6. Sharon Adams on January 10, 2015 at 6:04 AM said:

    I am trying to find “Calling Cards” exercise. It was mentioned the book, Life Reimagined.
    Does anyone know how to access Calling Cards?
    Sharon Adams

  7. Anonymous on November 2, 2015 at 9:06 PM said:

    Ours was a New Year’s. Retreat. Fantastic. Unfortunately my husband is an alcoholic. No alcohol at the retreat but individual counseling . But it didn’t help him nor did a 28 day Program or another detox . I certainly recommend a couples Retreat . It just depends on the individuals .

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