Love- yourself first

Happy Friday.  Winter has come to an end. Spring is upon us, and I am reminded of my Hawaiian adventure a few weeks ago.  Hope your weekend is filled with fun and a little adventure.

Continuing on with the ever critical topic of relationships, let’s discuss the most important relationship.  The one you have with yourself.

New relationships inpart a flood of new energy.  It feeds us and keeps us feeling alive.  For a while.  And then we return to ourselves and what we bring energetically into the relationship.  The old saying, you bring yourself into every relationship.  If you don’t have a good relationship, a loving relationship with yourself from the start- how can a relationship with anyone else fulfill you?

Start doing the things you love and believe in, surrounded by people you respect.  Fill yourself with love.  It is then the right partner or relationship appears.  For you have be the right partner for yourself before you can be that partner to someone you want.

Self love can be hard.  Especially when one is rooted in the past and guilt or negativity associated with our past.

My current mantra, “God, I accept your forgiveness and I accept  your love”.

What is yours?

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