Letting go


A glorious week spent with beloved friends, (skiing, eating sushi, drinking Mexican mules, and watching our little ones play together) has left me in a loving mood.  I am reminded of an important life lesson that is not often mentioned, letting go.

There is room in my life to spend a week with these beloved people because I have consistently let go of relationships that no longer fit my life.

Every interaction affects us energetically.  We walk away either depressed, unchanged or elevated. Multiply these energy exchanges over the course of a relationship and you can imagine the affect your relationships have on your life path.

So, choose, make a conscious decision on who you spend your life with.  Be aware of the energy you give out in your relationships. Be prepared to end (or limit) time with people who no longer fit where you are in your life.

This also goes for actions. Life is short.  Everything counter to your purpose takes away from what you can accomplish, learn, and create.

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